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We want your feedback! Please tell us how we're doing. We will read each and every feedback submission and do our best to accomodate every request or suggestion.

Our Recent Feedback:

3/4/2014 from Jim D. –
"Just wanted to take a minute to says how impressed I was with the CCW class. The attorney was extremely helpful in deciding whether to get the CCW or not. I have previous military training and you guys brought me to an all time high on accuracy with my new grip. I think that all CCW classes should be formatted to the Vital Defense standard. YOU GUYS ROCK !!!!!!"

1/13/2014 from David A. –
"I just took the IL CCW class from Vital Defense Solutions and it was above and beyond what I expected. In the class was all the "Vital" information and then some. I will always remember the name, "Glasgow". On the range was where I surprised myself. With VDS proper grip training, I became 100 times better the pistol shooter I was. All the instructors are top notch, I learned something from every single one of them. This training is invaluable and I will do my best to take Brent's recommendation of continued training."

4/16/2011 from Bud B. –
"Yesterday, Mirko took my wife and me through the basic pistol class. We are absolute beginners and Mirko's gentle and thorough training gave a comfort level I had never expected. He was encouraging and supportive and still demanding of all the principals of safety. By the end of time with Mirko we were converts and had arrived at a level of confidence that surprised us both. We will continue to take lessons from him,and will remain forever grateful for his kindness in introducing both of us to this world."

8/22/2010 from Luis V. –
"I recently took the beginner pistol class. Mirko is a really nice and knowledgeable instructor. I feel a lot more comfortable shooting my CZ75. I definitely plan on taking more courses with him in the future. Thank you Mirko."

7/30/2010 from Anthony L. –
"My wife and I took the beginners class. Mirko is easy to deal with, thorough, and has an immense amount of knowledge about firearms. I would highly recommend the class for those newcomers thinking about purchasing a handgun."

7/24/2010 from Barry N. –
"I felt very comfortable with the beginner pistol class I just completed with Mirko. His method was very professional, informative and easy to understand even for a novice shooter. I definitely would like to take some future courses offered by Mirko."

7/12/2010 from MMoreno –
"I recently took a conceal carry course through Vital Defense Solutions. Not only was it a good introduction on conceal carrying, but it was also a great refresher course on basic gun principles (i.e., gun safety, grip, stance, etc.) - one can never get enough of that kind of training. Mirko was a total professional when he presented the course. He was very informative and presented the class in such a way that gun owners of all levels of expertise could understand. I really enjoyed the class and look forward to taking more classes with Vital Defense."

7/03/2010 from Ira K. –
"I enjoyed my first of what I hope to be many classes with Mirko. Not only is Mirko an excellent marksman, but he is also an excellent teacher. Explaining not only the method, but the responcibility that comes with the choice to carry a weapon, and if placed in a life or death situation. Thank you for the experience and knowledge that you shared today."

6/10/2010 from Heidi –
"First of all, thank you for your patience with me yesterday. I was nervous, but I did pay attention to what you said. The new gun stance turned out to be extremely productive for me, even if you and others may not see it. I am so much more comfortable (no straining) in firing my pistols. I went back to the range today to keep your observations and guidance as fresh as possible. While the recoil from my hK p30 is still something I need to get used to, I followed your advice and did somewhat better. (Getting over the flinching thing). I ended with with my Sig (9mm) and ended up with a great cluster! I will keep practicing! Many thanks"

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